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PAUSE (prelude)

22. - 29. July 2018



Artists' association at Haus der Kunst München

Prinzregentenstr. 1, 80538 München


Press event: Friday 20 July, 3 pm


Opening with performance: Saturday 21 July, 5-8 pm




















Artists taking part

Daniel Bräg, Karolin Bräg, Peter Dobroschke, Stefan Draschan, Beate Engl, Leoni Felle,

Trude Friedrich, Ute Heim, Klara Hobza, Martin Krejci (Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation), Lou Jaworski, Agne Jonkute, Mikolaj Polinski und Misa Shimomura, Tom Moody, Peter Sauerer, Michael Schrattenthaler, Andreas Sell, Wolfgang Stehle, Andreas Ullrich, Timm Ulrichs, Stefanie Unruh, Katharina Weishäupl, Peter Fischli David Weiss, Stefan Wischnewski, Haubitz + Zoche



The artists' association at the Haus der Kunst takes a wide-ranging look at the concept of the pause, or break. They look at concepts such as relaxation, downtime and peace and quiet and their opposites, thereby developing their own unique interpretation of the pause, or break, as the momentum that exists in between the events that make up life. They open up space in the turbulence of everyday life, in the accelerated pace of modern manufacturing, in physical contest and the roar of daily living. This exploration of an attitude and a state of mind ends with a symposium for theoretical reflection. PAUSE (prelude) looks forward to the Biennale 2019, in which the exploration of this theme continues.


All organisms need time for recreation and regeneration. Pauses are not just voids. They can usher in reorganisation and regeneration, helping to re-establish rhythm and develop a sense of self-worth. Contemporary music, performance and art have all valued the concept of the pause. In a media-saturated, always-on world, the pause can open up valuable space. And pauses are not just about time. They are also about the physical space between objects.

In a society obsessed with achievement, and even within the arts themselves, the cultural significance of downtime, of idleness, of simply doing nothing is often looked at askance. Idleness, lassitude or simply saying 'No' can all be looked on as a dangerous squandering of time. The fact that they might also be a creative force is not always easily discernible. By making this quality visible through artistic means, we can explore the quality of withdrawal spaces and withdrawal strategies.


PAUSE (prelude) also gives us an opportunity to examine history. After the Second World War, Germany's artists' associations and collectives re-convened under the Haus der Kunst umbrella and pledged to hold annual exhibitions, the first of which took place in 1949. The upcoming 70th anniversary of their founding provides the perfect opportunity to ask what purpose is served by artists' associations in a 'performance society' that rarely pauses for breath and where, as well as opportunity, there are also limits.


On July 22 2018, artists Martin Krejci (Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation), Mikolaj Polinski and Misa Shimomura will reveal their approach to the concept of the pause and the role of the pause in ceremonies and music.


On 27 July 2018 the Haus der Kunst plays host to a day-long symposium addressing, on the one hand, the pause as taken by consumers of art (with The Museum as Dormitory by Wolfgang Ullrich and Thoughts on a Participation Pause by Lambert Wiesing) and, on the other hand, the pause as taken by art producers (La lutte continue! Art Strikes and the Art of the Strike by Friederike Sigler and I Can’t Work Like This by Joanna Warsza). The speakers at this event and the contributions of the artists themselves form the first part of our examination of the pause, on which the Artists' Biennale at Haus der Kunst will continue to build in 2019.




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Picture: Stefan Draschan,  from the series: People Sleeping in Museums, photography, 2015



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Sun 22 July – Sun 29 July 2018


Daily 10 am - 8 pm, Thurs 10 am - 10 pm

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Sun 22 July, 3.30 - 6 pm and Sun 29 July, 4-6 pm


Sun 22 July and Sun 29 July, 2.30 pm


Sat 28 July, 11 am - 5pm, with Wolfgang Ullrich,

Lambert Wiesing, Friederike Sigler, Joanna Warsza


Courtenay Smith, Albert Coers, Alexander Steig



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